Mecklenburg County Residents To Begin Receiving Tax Revaluations

Mecklenburg County residents will begin to receive their 2011 home revaluations this week. 

Revaluation is the process of reappraising all properties within the county for tax assessment purposes. It is required at least once every eight years by North Carolina statute. The process has two objectives: value properties at current market prices, and equitably distribute the cost of local government among the property owners.

Your properties tax value is set by the revaluation & determines the amout of property tax you will pay each year until the next revaluation.

Mecklenburg County residents will have 30 days from February 7th to appeal to the Mecklenburg County Assessor’s Office. Every resident will receive an appeal form along with their revaluation.

For more information visit the Mecklenburg County Accessor’s webpage: Mecklenburg County Revaluation

If you need any information on home sales in your area to use in your appeal please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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